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Comfortable and sustainable living is not that complicated

We make it easy and fun to live in and enjoy an e-home fully carefree.

We make e-homes available for everyone

We are econic. A company abuzz with the energy needed to accelerate the European energy transition. We want to turn every home into an e-home.
All across the Netherlands and abroad. That’s how we transform all homes into e-homes, and create a world without emission, together. A world better for us, and better for our planet.

What is an e-home?

An e-home is a home of the future that you can live in today. Packed with sustainable heat and energy systems. A home ready to be enjoyed in comfort now. Our e-home services mean you do not have to invest in sustainable heat and energy systems like heat pumps, solar panels, home batteries, or EV charging stations. For a fixed monthly fee, all equipment needed for your e-home are installed and serviced.

We monitor the system and ensure a comfortable indoor climate at the lowest possible energy consumption. You are assured of the best equipment, calibrated to your living situation. And if any issue should ever emerge, we will solve it for you.

Whether your home is new or existing build, any home can (gradually or instantly) be transformed into an e-home.

“Living in an e-home gives me a sense of freedom; I generate my own power with full peace of mind!”

– e-home resident

Smart ownership

Our e-home service means you do not have to invest in your energy system. For a fixed monthly fee, all equipment needed for your e-home is installed and serviced. We call it: ‘smart ownership’. We work only with the best suppliers to ensure we can guarantee the best possible performance from the equipment we provide. And if any equipment needs replacing, we aim for a circular approach. This lets us offer you the ease and comfort of a future ready home with full peace of mind. Now, and in the future.


Our mission is a world without emission. That is why we want to accelerate the energy transition. Not just in the Netherlands, but across Europe – by transforming any house into an e-home and investing in strategic partnerships in order to digitize and standardize the value chain. This way, we reduce energy usage and costs, and create affordable solutions for everyone.

“Installation was incredibly smooth. Within two days our house was transformed into an e-home – and now we are getting the very best from our sustainable home.”

– e-home resident

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